How to make an appointment

Please follow our 4 step appointment guideline process below and choose the right service. An appointment may not be necessary.

  • This will help us to be more efficient by making an appointment available to you when you need it the most.
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Pharmacy & Self-Care

Your pharmacy can advise you on minor illness without the need of an appointment. Please speak to a pharmacist first.

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Pharmacy & Self-Care

Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can offer clinical advice, over the counter medicines and their use, to effectively and safely manage a range of minor health concerns. They can also help you to decide whether you'll need to see a doctor. You don't need an appointment and you won't even be asked to make a purchase. Every pharmacy also has a private consultation area for you to talk about your symptoms in private if you prefer.

Locate your local Pharmacy

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Routine (1 - 4 weeks)

I have a non-urgent problem and can wait 1 to 4 weeks to be seen.

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Urgent (same day)

I have an URGENT health concern requiring on the day attention

If you need to see a Doctor urgently on the day (Urgent meaning it is not regarding regular medication, on-going problems), please telephone the surgery on 02380 706919 or come in and book an emergency appointment. These are run every day and are only bookable on the day. This means if you phone in the morning, you will be seen that morning. If you phone in the afternoon, you will be seen in the afternoon.

All requests for same day appointments will be passed to the duty doctor (telephone triage) They will discuss your medical problem with you over the telephone. If they are unable to resolve your problem over the telephone then they will book you a face-to-face appointment for that day

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Life Threatening - Go to A&E

If you or someone you know has a life-threatening condition, such as loss of consciousness, chest pain, breathing difficulties etc, you should call 999

In an EMERGENCY call 999.
Emergencies are situations that cannot be managed at home and may be life threatening

Appointment SMS Reminders

We will send you an automated text message 24 hours in advance of your appointment to remind you. If you no longer wish to attend the appointment, please reply to the text message with the words CANCEL.  This will remove the booked appointment and allow another patient to use it.

The Hub - GP & Nurse Appointments

You may have heard us talk about appointment at the HUB if you have called for an appointment at the surgery. 


What is this?

Southampton GPs introduced an initiative to provide patients access to medical help from 8am to 8pm every weekday (including bank holidays) and 8am to 4pm on Saturday and 8am to 2pm on Sunday.

Southampton Primary Care Ltd (which was formed by all Southampton GP practices) has been set up to provide these appointments, known as 'THE HUB' and is an important part of the practices resource to help provide appointments to our patient population. You will be asked for permission to share your medical record with the person seeing you to ensure they can view your usual medication and possible allergies etc.


Who can use these appointment?

As a registered patient at Victor Street Surgery, we can book an appointment with a doctor or nurse for you.  You may find it more convenient to ask for a HUB appointment especially if you work or can only see a GP or nurse at the weekend.


Where are these HUBS?

There are six HUBS throughout the city who offer these appointments but we cannot guarantee which one will have free appointments on any particular day.  Please be aware that you may have to  visit one which may be slightly further away from your local surgery.

Woolston Lodge Surgery 
66 Portsmouth Road, Woolston, Southampton, SO19 9AL

Chessel Practice
4 Chessel Avenue, Bitterne, Southampton, SO19 4AA

St Mary's Surgery
1 Johnson Street, Southampton SO14 1LT

Portswood Solent Surgery
7 Belmont Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2GD

Shirley Health Partnership
Shirley Health Centre, Grove Road, Southampton SO15 3UA

Aldermoor Surgery
Aldermoor Close, Southampton SO16 5ST 


How do I book?

Our reception staff can book these for you, call the surgery on 02380 706919.  Also if you phone NHS 111 (when we are closed), then you could be offered a HUB appointment if you need to be seen by a GP or nurse on that day. Remember calling NHS 111 is free to phone and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you may not need to wait until 8am on Monday morning if you are needing medical attention over the weekend.